It’s A New Season!

Welcome back Ray Team fans!  The 2011 baseball season is underway and the lovely ladies of the Ray Team are excited to cheer with all of you in the stands this year!  We are very excited to welcome 15 new girls to the this years Ray Team!  With our “rookies” and our “veterans” we are positive you will love this year’s Ray Team as much as we do!  This year our baseball season opened on April Fools.  Check out our girls getting into the April Fools spirit as they played a prank on our announcer Rusty!  That is a lot of Silly String!

 The Ray Team is eager to meet and greet fans of all ages.  Here is a great picture of a small fan who watched a little bit of the game with a Ray Teamer.

 The Ray Team is as busy as always, but they always take the time to help a fan out.  Here are the ladies giving a few pointers to a Ray game contestant.   They must have given good advice because he won free Topps baseball cards!  Congratulations contestant and good job ladies!

This Longo fan joined the Ray Team in cheering “Let’s Go Rays!”  After the cheer, he shared some high fives and laughs with the Ray Teamers.


Smile for the camera!  The Ray Team spent some time with the Stub Hub Seat Upgrade winners and what a perfect time for a picture! 


The Ray Team girls have had a blast these past few games.  From the veterans returning to see their favorite season ticket holders to the rookies learning how to cheer on the dugouts, it has been fun for all.  They are looking forward to many more high fives, laughs and cheers this season and they hope some of them will be with you!  Until next time….GO RAYS!

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