Peace Love & Baseball

Hey Rays fans!

Can you believe the second home stand has come and gone? The Ray Team had a lot of exciting things occur over these past nine home games, as the Rays record kept improving!

frankie.JPGThe girls were excited to be waving the victory flags, cheering with the crowd, in addition to getting to dress up for two theme nights at the Trop! On April 24, the Ray Team flashed back to 1960, where they got the fans pumped up for the John Fogerty concert.


blog2.JPGDressing up as hippes, dancing to songs played at Woodstock, and carrying picket signs with sayings such as “Peace, Love, and Baseball” are just some of the ways the Ray Team celebrated a night full of flower power. Rocking flowers in their hair, funky sunglasses, and Woodstock t-shirts helped the girls get into their groovy characters.

blog3.JPGAfter the game (which the Rays won of course!), the Ray Team stayed after to help the crowd get hyped for the kick off of the Summer Concert Series. Throwing beach balls into the crowd and listening to famous songs such as Centerfield be played added a great deal of excitement to the girls Saturday night!

blog 4.JPGOn Sunday, the girls were back to their usual activities, such as the t-shirt launch, Chevy ride around, and the fan favorite, kids run the bases! The faces of the children are starting to look familiar, however, they create new memories each week.

rtb9.jpgThe Ray Team along with their new buddy Recycles McGee, cheer on and greet the kids as they round the bases just like their favorite players. Sometimes a fan or two lose a shoe, hat, or their new favorite Sunday give away, but a team member is always close by to help out!

Over the next few days, the cowbells were ringing, the fans were clapping, and the Ray Team was cheering, as the Rays continued their great home stand! At the end of the week, came another chance for the girls to switch up the routine, as they dressed up for Hall of Fame night!

truck.JPG The Ray Team was rockin’ vintage t-shirts of the greatest Rock and Roll icons, such as The Stones, Led Zeppelin, Elvis, and ACDC. Though the girls weren’t wearing the famous chest length beards, they were very excited for the ZZ Top concert post game. The Rays celebrated all sorts of Hall of Famers on May 1st, from Jackie Robinson to Bruce Springsteen. We asked the girls who their favorite Hall of Famer was, and member Lindsey G’s response was “Easy, Wade Boggs.”  Whether they were celebrating their favorite musical artist, or remembering the time Wade Boggs number was retired, the Ray Team had a blast at Hall of Fame Night.

group.JPGOver all the girls had a great second home stand and are looking forward to May 14th when the team returns! Until then, GO RAYS! =)

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